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How can I replace a lost program?Go to Accidental Software's home page
Select the program you need to replace
Go to the download(s) for that program
Download the demo version and install
Input your code or serial number
The program won't take my serial number. Why not?
Your name and serial number must be entered EXACTLY as given to you, as they are case sensitive.
I lost my code/serial number. How do I replace it?Email us your name, which program purchased, and the approximate date of purchase, for a replacement. Or, call (760)247-2804.  If a hearing and speech enabled support person is not available, please leave a message. Please speak clearly and repeat your phone number and email address.
I lost everything, even my receipt! Do I have to re-register the program!No, you do not have to repurchase the program. We have you in our databases. Please read the questions and answers above.
How do I register (purchase) a program?Download the program demo version, install it, open and register from within the program.
I registered from within the program, but didn't get anything. Why?When you register, you will not receive a hard copy (CD).  You will receive an email with your code/serial number.  If you don't receive an email, please check your email filter.  Because spam frequently masquerades as orders or registrations, your legitimate registration might be filtered out.  If your filter is set too high, your receipt and registration email could be filtered into your junk or trash box.  
I registered multiple times, because I didn't understand how registration worked.  How much will you refund?Previously, we refunded all requests without charge.  However, due to abuse, we will now only refund one duplicate order without charge.  Multiple duplicate orders (registrations) will be refunded, subject to a $2-$7 charge.  This charge covers the actual costs our company pays for each order (registration) placed.  For orders directly made through Esellerate, directly linked to by programs downloaded from our site, the charge is $2.  For orders placed through other sites, the charge is $7.
I registered, but while playing the program, it asked for hundreds of dollars to upgrade or register again. What gives?A version was released that was improperly compiled. Although it was only out there for a day, some vendors got it. The message you see refers to one of the licenses we pay. Simply download and install the latest demo version to correct this error.
What is a demo version?A demo version is a trial version. Demo versions allow you to check out a program, before you buy, so you know exactly what you are getting.
How can I contact you to resolve a problem?Email is the best and fastest way.  Email us your name, the program you are having a problem with, and specifics about the problem. You can call (760)247-2804, however, nearly all of us are hearing and/or speech impaired, so you will probably get an answering machine.
I emailed and didn't get an answer. Why?First, be sure your email address is correct. We hit a "reply" button, so if your email is wrong, you won't get a reply back.
Second, be sure the email subject line is "Accidental Software..." or the name of the program (eg: Ultimate Gin), so your email will make it through our filters.  Do not use "Hi", or other nonspecific greetings similar to spam, in the subject line.
Third, please don't have ads for junk attached to your email, or again, it may not make it through our filters.
Fourth, check your system for viruses, as our system may delete or quarantine your email, where we won't read it.
Fifth, please check your email filter, as our reply may filter out as spam.
Last, we experienced catastrophic loss of email in the past, due to external factors, so please don't assume we, or any other company for that matter, actually got your email.
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