Hal, a free assisted speech program

Hal, a free assisted speech program, helps speaking-disabled people communicate.  Hal enables speech impaired people, who have low vision or blindness, with severe physical disabilities, such as severe arthritis, to voice themselves.  This free program requires the ability to click a mouse, but either or both mouse buttons may be used.  Users do not need to be able to distinguish between mouse buttons.

Download (free):

Click here to download Hal.  File name "hal1.exe" is 8.35MB.  This download includes a Microsoft Agent.  Additional agents may be downloaded.

This program was designed and named for our wonderful brother/brother-in-law, Hal, who is speech impaired, with complications of extreme vision and physical impairment, as a result of a rare genetic disorder, Machado Joseph's disease, along with severe arthritis and amputation.  We hope this program will be useful to other speech impaired people, especially those with other disabilities.  We offer this assisted speech program free, since we discovered many people can not afford the currently available programs.

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