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Play Hearts with three computer generated characters.
Three additional (free) game characters and additional play rooms can be downloaded separately.
Our convenient card display allows you to concentrate on strategy.
This program uses Microsoft Agent Technology.  Merlin, or any Microsoft Agent you choose (links to free downloads provided), provides game commentary.
Several game variations are implemented (including shoot the moon).
Change card decks and characters at the hearts table as the game plays.
Scores and games won are kept and recalled when the same players are at the table.
Play hearts with 1, 2, or 3 other real people over the internet or a Local Area Network.

The registration price is $19.95, or get it FREE from our new trialpay feature. Install it then click register to find trialpay.

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Operating System:  Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP or Vista
Memory:  64MB
Hard Disk Space:  20MB
Processer (Minimum):  Pentium II-300
Video Card:  Capable of 1024 x 768 pixels at 16 bit color


Click here to download a free demo version of Fat Cat Hearts from Accidental Software.
Click here for our esellerate on line store
Click here to download a free update of Fat Cat Hearts. This will update your hearts program to the most recent version "1.6.115". If your game currently says "version 1.6.115" at the top left of the game screen, you don't need this update. Double click the file "fchup.exe" once it is on your computer to install.

Extra Characters & Rooms

Click here for extra characters and rooms: file size 5.5Mb, file name,"fchextra.exe".  This file is not required to run the program, but gives you a larger choice of character players. Download the file, then double click the fchextra.exe file to install.

Hearts Books

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