Reviewer says, "The closest thing found to an action-adventure game in a card game!"

ZD-Net Award Five star rating from ZD-Net Hotfiles Rated 5 star at Super Shareware !!!
Next Generation of a 1994 Finalist of the Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards
Nominated as 1999 Finalist of the Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards
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Screen shot of Ultimate Gin showing Scar Face, a cantakerous animated character.  Click to enlarge Note: Windows vista and windows 7 have changed the way the internet and LAN communicates with this program. As a result play over the internet and play over the LAN are not possibe with these programs. We have disconnected our on line server as a result. If you are not connected to the internet through a router, you should be able to download our server and play gin over the internet with it.

Play against a real person or match wits against one of the computer generated players in a rip-roaring game of Gin.    New characters and gin rooms. Each computer opponent has his or her own personality, style of play, and abilities. Each player's abilities are adjustable in the game and opponents can be changed as the game is played.

Choose standard Gin, or one of two versions of "Oklahoma" Gin, or "Hollywood" scoring.   More extensive controls let you adjust bonus and game scoring.    Play up to 120 games per match and up to 120 matches.

Our unique card holder, originally developed in Ultimate Gin I, allows you to see your hand in melds at a glance.    Adjust the card holder size and color.

If you like Gin, you'll love this game!

Shareware free. Unlock the Full version with a code (serial number) that can be purchased for $19.95.


20MB hard disk space
RAM requirements vary based on the number of characters and gin rooms loaded
CD-ROM optional
Sound card optional.

Downloads (free) Page:

Download Page for Ultimate Gin 5.0, character groups, and rooms group. Also, free Gin Server.
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