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Screen shot of Image Master 2000, the best and easiest screen saver maker available.

If you have a scanner, digital camera, or downloaded pictures,
try this program.

Ideal for photo lovers.

Add your pictures, music, and text to create your own screen saver.

Features/Options List:


Build 1000 slide shows, each with 1000 images.

Select any or all of 101 transition effects.

Display images in an order or at random.

Add, delete, or change the order of pictures at any time.

Display pictures as singles, wallpaper, tiled wallpaper, overlay, or a collage (shows 4 images simultaneously, one in each quarter of the screen).

Select duration of time of image on the screen.

Use any of the following image file formats: BMP, JPG, DIB, JIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, RLE, TGA, TIF(uncompressed only), WMF, and WPG(raster only).

Choose custom picture frames or display pictures unframed.

Create thumb nails of your pictures, for easy editing of a slideshow.

Rotate any picture (allows for vertical picture use without editing in your picture editor.

Select up to 100 of your Midi music files to play with each slide slow.

No image or audio files need be copied to any other directory, since Image Master will keep track of these files and load them from any valid directory that exists on your hard drive, any floppy drive, or CD ROM.

Export slide shows (use bagger function) to give to a friend or family. They can use the shareware version of Image Master 2000 to view your slide show of up to 1000 pictures.

Use long file names.

Post a message.

Use Password restriction if desired.


2MB hard disk space
RAM requirements vary based on image types displayed
CD-ROM optional
Sound card optional.


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