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Play blackjack with two computer generated characters or by yourself.
Additional (free) play rooms can be downloaded separately.
Develop your own playing strategy with our chart builder, assign that chart to a computer player to determine if your strategy works.
Assign a betting srategy to computer players along with a chart strategy to test your ideas.
Play solo if desired with or without custom chart strategy.
Change the number of card decks in use, game speed, and many other game options as the game plays.
This program has been modified for windows Vista.

This program uses Microsoft Agent Technology.

The registration price is $19.95

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Operating System:  Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP or Vista
Memory:  64MB
Hard Disk Space:  20MB
Processer (Minimum):  Pentium III
Video Card:  Capable of 1024 x 768 pixels at 16 bit color


Click here to download the most recent free demo (version 1.3.10) of Simon Says Blackjack from Accidental Software (ssbj.exe - 9.2 MB).
Click here to get this file from our esellerate online store.

Extra Blackjack Rooms and Game Update

Click here for extra blackjack rooms and a program update to version 1.3.10, file name,"ssbjupdate.exe".  This file is not required to run the program, but will provide extra rooms and update your blackjack game to the most recent version. If you don't already have version 1.3.10 or you would like the extra rooms, download the file then double click ssbjupdate.exe to install.

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